BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Warren L.. Biofilm Control for Metal Mobility in ARD. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  biofilm  microbiology  Onaping 

  2. McAlary M., C.J. Ptacek, J.G. Bain, D.W. Blowes, J. Fyfe and S. Marshall. Effectiveness of Organic Carbon Cover Systems on Sulfide-rich Tailings. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend  biosolids  desulphurized  dry cover  gas  hydrology  lime  Onaping  organic cover  tailings 

  3. Fyfe J. and J. Martin. Innovative Closure Concepts for Xstrata Nickel Onaping Operations. Presented at the 2007 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend lime  cyclone  dredge  impoundment  management  Onaping  slimes dry cover  tailings  treatment  underwater  waste rock 

  4. Fyfe J.. Water Treatment at Xstrata Nickel Sudbury Incorporating Tertiary Wetlands Treatment. Presented at the 2010 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Falconbridge  Onaping  revegetation  smelter  tailings cover  underwater  wetland 

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