BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Guerin F., S. Wilson and R. Nicholson. Optimizing In-Pit Disposal of Problematic Waste Rock Using Leaching Tests, Portable XRF, Block and Mass Transport Models. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  backfill  drainage chemistry  hydrology  McClean Lake  prediction  segregation  underwater  uranium  waste rock 

  2. Guerin F. and J. Rowson. Uranium Tailings Management at AREVA Resources Canada Inc. Part 1: Design Confirmation and Geochemical Observations from the McClean Lake Operation in Northern Saskatchewan. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend barium  amend ferric  amend lime  arsenic  backfill  Jeb  McClean Lake  pervious surround  pit  prediction  tailings  underwater  uranium 

  3. Nicholson R.. Use of Solubility and Leach Tests in the Prediction of Drainage Chemistry from Weathered Tailings and Waste Rock - Examples from Gold and Uranium Mines. Presented at the 2005 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  backfill  Cluff Lake  drainage chemistry  encapsulation  flooded  McClean Lake  Porcupine  prediction  tailings  waste rock 

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