BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Kwong Y.T.J.. Arsenic Remobilization: Geochemical Controls, Case Histories and Prediction. Presented at the 2000 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  arsenic  Cobalt  drainage chemistry  mineralogy  model  Mount Washington  prediction  uranium 

  2. Botham L.. Canadian Experience in Uranium Tailings Management. Presented at the 2008 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  freezing  impoundment  lake  pervious surround  pit backfill  Saskatchewan  spill  tailings  uranium 

  3. Dockrey J., D. Flather, L. Findlater, S. Jackson, J. Helsen, J. Scott and J. Gjertsen. Elevated Uranium and Arsenic Concentrations in Baseline Water Quality at the Coffee Gold Site: Implications for Geochemical Predictions. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  arsenic  Coffee Gold  drainage chemistry  mineralogy  monitoring  prediction  receiving environment  uranium 

  4. Black K., A. Coggan and M. Wiber. Elliot Lake - Status Report on Water Cover Performance. Presented at the 2003 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend  lime  limestone  Panel  Quirke  radium  Spanish American  Stanleigh  treatment  underwater  uranium 

  5. Laurencont T. and M. Rider. Evaluation of Future Rehabilitation Strategies for the Rum Jungle Mine Site. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  closure  options analysis  reclamation  Rum Jungle  stakeholder  uranium 

  6. Nicholson R.V., S. Barabash, M. Venhuis, G. Ivanis and G. Shen. Integration of Field Investigations and an Innovative Modelling Tool in the Prioritization of Mitigation Strategies for an Abandoned Uranium Mine. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Gunnar  loading  model  prediction  tailings  uranium  waste rock 

  7. C. Wiramanaden, B. Barnhart, T. Nash and H. Heffner. Long-term Changes in Water Quality at a Decommissioned Uranium Mine Tailings Management Area have the Potential to Change Water Treatment Efficacy. Presented at the 2023 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  barium  drainage chemistry  long-term  Panel  Stanleigh  sulphate  treatment  underwater  uranium 

  8. Ward A.. Long-term Cover Design and Performance Assessment - A Hanford Case Study. Presented at the 2004 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  asphalt cover  dry cover  Hanford  store and release  uranium  water management 

  9. Ferguson P., C. Wels, D. Jones and G. Farrer. ML/ARD Impacts and Rehabilitation Planning for Rum Jungle. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  backfill  closure  drainage chemistry  heap leach  hydrology  impoundment  monitoring  PAG  pit  receiving environment  Rum Jungle  soil barrier  tailings  uranium  waste rock 

  10. Guerin F., S. Wilson and R. Nicholson. Optimizing In-Pit Disposal of Problematic Waste Rock Using Leaching Tests, Portable XRF, Block and Mass Transport Models. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  backfill  drainage chemistry  hydrology  McClean Lake  prediction  segregation  underwater  uranium  waste rock 

  11. Dave N.. Performance of Denison Mine Tailings Management Areas (TMAs) Fifteen Years Following Decommissioning. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend lime  barium  Denison  dry cover  elevated-watertable  Lower Williams Lake  NaOH  Stanrock  treatment  underwater  uranium 

  12. McNee J., A. Martin, J. Crusius and E. Yanful. Post-Closure Metal Mobility in Subaqueous Tailings Deposits. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend lime  Elliot Lake  Equity  impoundment  radium  revegation  solid residue  tailings  underwater  uranium 

  13. T. Moulding and C. McGuire. Regulatory Oversight for Cluff Lake Mine Reclamation, Closure, and Long-Term Management. Presented at the 2023 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  reclamation  regulation  relinquishment  stakeholder  uranium 

  14. Nicholson R.V.. Release and Mobility of Nickel from Mine Waste: Theory and Case Histories. Presented at the 2000 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  drainage chemistry  mineralogy  model  prediction  Raglan  uranium  Voisey's Bay 

  15. M. Frenzel, U. Jenk and T. Metschies. Remediation of Königstein ISL-site, Mitigation Measures and Results. Presented at the 2023 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  hydrology  in-situ  in-situ-leach  Königstein  leach treatment  mitigation options  NaOH  prediction  sulphate reduction  underground  uranium  water management  Wismut 

  16. Laurencont T. and M. Rider. Rum Jungle - Investigation of Future Rehabilitation Requirements. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  closure  prediction  receiving environment  Rum Jungle  stakeholder  uranium 

  17. Berthelot D., M. Wiber and A. Coggan. Stanleigh Treatment Facility Replacement. Presented at the 2007 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  barium  lime  radium  settling pond  Stanleigh  treatment  underwater  uranium 

  18. T. Searcy and K. Hughes. Successfully Entering the Saskatchewan Institutional Control Program: An Overview of the Decommissioned Cluff Lake Mine. Presented at the 2023 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  attenuation  cover  pit lake  reclamation  regulation  relinquishment  stakeholder  store and release  stratification  uranium 

  19. Harrington J.. Three Case Studies of the Treatment of Mine Drainage. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Brewery Creek  carbon  drainage chemistry  heap leach  Hollister  insitu  microbiology  nutrients  pit lake  San Luis  selenium  Sweetwater  treatment  uranium 

  20. Guerin F. and J. Rowson. Uranium Tailings Management at AREVA Resources Canada Inc. Part 1: Design Confirmation and Geochemical Observations from the McClean Lake Operation in Northern Saskatchewan. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend barium  amend ferric  amend lime  arsenic  backfill  Jeb  McClean Lake  pervious surround  pit  prediction  tailings  underwater  uranium 

  21. Guerin F., N. Banton, J. Mahoney and G. Newman. Uranium Tailings Managements at AREVA Resources Canada Inc. Part 2: The Kiggavik Project in Nunavut. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend barium  amend ferric  amend lime  backfill  climate change  dry cover  freezing  Kiggavik  pit  prediction  tailings  underwater  uranium 

  22. Gallinger R.. Wet Covers as a Remediation Strategy for Tailings Facilities - Elliot Lake Case Studies. Presented at the 1999 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend  community  dredge  impoundment  lime  limestone  mitigation  natural lake  options analysis  Panel  Quirke  Spanish American  Stanleigh  tailings  treatment  underwater  uranium 

  23. Kassahun A., U. Jenk, J. Meyer and M. Paul. Wismut's Mine Water Management and Treatment Approaches. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  barium  ferric  HDS  in-situ  ion exchange  solid-residue  sulfate reduction  treatment  uranium  Wismut 

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