BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Dobson J.. Coffee Reclamation Research. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  cyanide  drainage treatment  heap leach  revegetation 

  2. Shaw S. and A.M. Robertson. Geochemical Predictions of the Landusky Spent Ore Heap Leach Pads and Implications for Water Management. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  drainage chemistry  gas  heap leach  Landusky  mineralogy  PAG  prediction  treatment 

  3. Volden L., D. Kirste and K. Sexsmith. Laboratory Characterization of Aquifer Attenuation Mechanisms for Acidic Groundwater at a Copper Mine in Arizona: Experimental Design, Results and Development of Supporting Models. Presented at the 2022 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  attenuation  drainage chemistry  heap leach  kinetic test  low grade ore  mineralogy  model  pit  prediction  receiving environment  waste rock 

  4. Ayres B.. Lessons Learned from 20+ Years Post-Closure Monitoring at BHP’s Legacy Mine Sites in North America. Presented at the 2022 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  attenuation  Carson Hill  diversion  dry cover  Elliot Lake  financial security  heap leach  Lisbon  relinquishment  Selbaie  soil barrier 

  5. Ferguson P., C. Wels, D. Jones and G. Farrer. ML/ARD Impacts and Rehabilitation Planning for Rum Jungle. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  backfill  closure  drainage chemistry  heap leach  hydrology  impoundment  monitoring  PAG  pit  receiving environment  Rum Jungle  soil barrier  tailings  uranium  waste rock 

  6. Keller J., T.M. Yao, M. Milczarek, D. Hammermeister and R. Rice. New Methods for Hydraulic Characterization of Mine Waste and Cover System Materials. Presented at the 2009 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry cover  heap leach  hydrology  model  prediction  waste rock 

  7. Schofield I., B. Cinton, K. Payne, P. Brown, M. Logsdon, M. Wickman and J. Waples. Progress in Remediating ARD-Contaminated Groundwater at Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, USA. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend lime  Bingham Canyon  collection  HDS  heap leach  regulation  reverse osmosis  tailings  treatment  waste rock 

  8. Ferguson P., C. Wels, S. Downs, J. Woollard and D. Jones. Remediation Planning for the Sandy Flat Mine Site, Northern Territory, Australia. Presented at the 2022 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  amend limestone  backfill  drainage chemistry  heap leach  hydrology  options analysis  pit lake  receiving environment  Sandy Flat  tailings  waste rock 

  9. Zhan J.. Richmond Hill Mine Heap Leach Pad Soil Cover System Evaluation. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  bentonite  dry cover  heap leach  liner  model  monitoring  Richmond Hill  store and release 

  10. Ramsey D.. Taking the Heap(s) Out of the Carmacks Copper Project: Addressing Environmental Concerns. Presented at the 2015 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Carmacks  filter  heap leach  planning  processing  tailings 

  11. Harrington J.. Three Case Studies of the Treatment of Mine Drainage. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Brewery Creek  carbon  drainage chemistry  heap leach  Hollister  insitu  microbiology  nutrients  pit lake  San Luis  selenium  Sweetwater  treatment  uranium 

  12. Williams R.D.. Zortman-Landusky: May2011 Extreme Weather Event - is it Time for Plans of Operations to Include an Ark?. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  climate change  collection  failure  heap leach  lime  treatment  water management  Zortman-Landusky 

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