BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. O'Hearn T. and B. Klein. A Comparison of ARD Treatment Alternatives: Britannia Mine. Presented at the 1999 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  ash  Britannia  cost  HDS  sulphate reduction  treatment 

  2. Parkinson G., P. Bryan and P. Healey. Britannia Mine - 4100 Level Plug Test: A Mine Hydrology Investigation. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  bulkhead  collection  flooded underground  hydrology 

  3. O'Hara G. and R. Hammett. Britannia Mine Remediation Project: Water Management. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  collection  discharge  diversion  flooded underground  HDS  loadings  treatment 

  4. Rector D. and B. Clarke. Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant: Environmental Compliance and Risk Transfer in a Collaborative Partnership. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  Britannia  bulkhead  discharge  diversion  HDS  regulation  risk assessment  treatment 

  5. Meech J., R. Pakalnis and B. Lang. CERM3's Millennium Plug Project at the Britannia Mine. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  bulkhead  CERM3  underground 

  6. Martin A.J., S. Fawcett, A. Rollo, D. Loomer and T. Al. Characterization of ARD Neutralization Sludge: Links between ARD Influent Chemistry, Treatment Process and Sludge Composition. Presented at the 2010 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  Equity  Geco  lime  mineralogy  prediction  solid residue  treatment 

  7. Thomas C. and T. O’Grady. Closure Activities – Progress over the last 10 years, Britannia Mine . Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  Britannia  closure  collection  maintenance  pit  receiving environment  risk assessment  scaling  solid residue  underground 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Fairview Glory Hole Video

  8. Higgs T.. Design of the Britannia Mine HDS Plant. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  HDS  solid residue  treatment 

  9. Sexsmith K. and S. Day. Geochemistry and Water Quality of the Britannia Mine Workings. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  drainage chemistry  flooded underground  prediction  underground 

  10. Fawcett S., A. Martin, J. Stockwell, A.Rollo, D. Loomer and T. Al. Influence of ARD Drainage Characteristics on the Composition of Neutralization Sludges. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  Brunswick  Chisel North  Equity  Geco  mineralogy  prediction  Samatosum  solid residue  Sullivan  treatment 

  11. Sexsmith K., D. Schwab, S. Day and R. McCandless. Long-Term Monitoring Data from the Britannia Mine, British Columbia. Presented at the 2003 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  discharge  drainage chemistry  flooded  prediction  underground 

  12. Ott C. and S. Sibbick. Risk Based Remediation at the Britannia Mine. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  concentrate  groundwater  risk assessment  soil 

  13. O'Hara G.. The Britannia Mine Remediation Project - An Overview. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Britannia  closure  mitigaiton 

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