BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Power C., D. Hersey, M. Ramasamy and J. MacPhee. Seven Years of Cover Performance at Mine Waste Rock Piles: Insights from the Sydney Coalfield. Presented at the 2022 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Cape Breton  cover  drainage chemistry  Franklin  gas  geomembrane  hydrology  Lingan  monitoring  Scotchtown Summit  soil barrier  Victoria Junction 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Combined DC resistivity and induced polarization (DC-IP) for mapping the internal composition of a mine waste rock pile in Nova Scotia, Canada
    2. Performance assessment of a single-layer moisture store-and-release cover system at a mine waste rock pile in a seasonally humid region (Nova Scotia, Canada)
    3. Evolution of Acid Mine Drainage from a Coal Waste Rock Pile Reclaimed with a Simple Soil Cover
    4. Numerical prediction of the long-term evolution of acid mine drainage at a waste rock pile site remediated with an HDPE-lined cover system
    5. Five-year performance monitoring of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cover system at a reclaimed mine waste rock pile in the Sydney Coalfield (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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