BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Mortazavi S.. Application of Membrane Separation Technology to Mining Processes. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  active treatment  ASARCO  Bingham Canyon  cost  maintenance  membrane 

  2. Thomas C. and T. O’Grady. Closure Activities – Progress over the last 10 years, Britannia Mine . Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  Britannia  closure  collection  maintenance  pit  receiving environment  risk assessment  scaling  solid residue  underground 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Fairview Glory Hole Video

  3. Rowe R.K.. GMR and GCL covers: what monitoring, maintenance, repair and replacement is needed to ensure and contingency plans are needed for proactive detection and resolution of problems before there are significant environmental impacts. Presented at the 2014 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry cover  GCL  geomembranes  maintenance  monitoring 

  4. Price W.. Information and Design Requirements for Dry Covers. Presented at the 2004 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry cover  guidelines  maintenance  monitoring  revegetation  soil barrier  water management 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Excerpts from Guidelines for Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage at Minesites in British Columbia
    2. Excerpts from List of Potential Information Requirements in Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage Assessment and Mitigation Work

  5. Ziemkiewicz P.. Long-term Performance of Passive AMD Treatment Systems. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  anoxic  cost  financial security  limestone bed  maintenance  passive  treatment  wetland 

  6. van Zyl D., M. Aubertin, R. Nicholson and I. Bruce. Maintenance and Triggers for Maintenance of Dry Covers. Presented at the 2004 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry cover  guidelines  maintenance 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Presentation
    2. Presentation

  7. Hedin R.. Operation and Maintenance of Passive Treatment Systems. Presented at the 2017 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  maintenance  passive  solid residue  treatment 

  8. McLeod H. and B. Brown. Panel Discussion: What Design Features, Monitoring and Resources are Required to Maintain the Long-Term Performance of a Dry Cover?. Presented at the 2000 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry cover  maintenance  risk assessment 

  9. Unger M. and R. Peterson. Post Closure Water Management at the Reclaimed Sullivan Mine. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  closure  collection  discharge  diversion  dry cover  flooded underground  HDS  maintenance  monitoring  soil barrier  Sullivan  sulphate reduction  tailings  treatment  waste rock 

  10. Hamblin B.. Underwater Tailings Disposal and ARD mitigation at the Inmet-Samatosum Reclamation Site. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  blending  HDS  impoundment  maintenance  Samatosum  solid residue  tailings  treatment  underwater  waste rock 

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