BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. N. Eriksson. De-pyritization of Tailings: Experiences from Three Copper Mines in Scandinavia. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Aitik  desulphurize  European Union  Kevitsa  Kylylahti  regulations  tailings  thiosalt 

  2. Lindahl L.A., M. Sandberg and Lindvall M.. Experiences from Dry Cover Projects in Sweden, 1974-2004. Presented at the 2004 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Aitik  ash  Bersbo  biosolids  dry cover  elevated watertable  Enasen  Kristineberg  Saxberget  soil barrier 

  3. Dunbar D., A.J. Martin, C. Fraser and S. Mueller. Modelling of Pit Lake Filling Scenarios using a Coupled Physical and Biogeochemical Model. Presented at the 2015 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Aitik  model  pit lake 

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