BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Pickett T.. ABMet Selenium Removal. Presented at the 2010 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  active  reduction  selenium  treatment 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. "Bugs" used to treat FGD wastewater

  2. Kratochvil D., B. Baker and B. Murphy. Achieving less than 1 ppb Se Ð Results of pilot demonstration for the KSM project. Presented at the 2015 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  KSM  selenium  solid residue  treatment 

  3. Price W.. An Overview of New Developments in ML/ARD at Mines Sites in British Columbia. Presented at the 2000 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dry covers  Eskay Creek  mineralogy  natural lake  NP  PAG  pH neutral  predevelopment  prediction  selenium  sulphate  Sulphurets  underwater 

  4. Bellefontaine K.. BC is Booming - Is ARD Looming? An Overview of Regulatory Approaches and Recent Mining Issues in British Columbia. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  financial security  management  mitigation  prediction  regulation  selenium 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Environmental Management Plans: A Key Tool in Ensuring Successful Long-term Environmental Management at Closed Mine Sites with ML/ARD

  5. Adams J.. Biological Treatment of Metals and Inorganics in Mining Waters. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  arsenic  cyanide  Landusky  nutrient  selenium  treatment 

  6. Stockwell J., G. Gilron and A. Marton. Coal Mine Planning and Selenium in British Columbia. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  insitu  options analysis  pit lake  selenium  treatment 

  7. McKevitt B.. Continuous Improvement at Teck’s West Line Creek Water Treatment Plant. Presented at the 2020 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  clarifier  fluidized bed  moving bed  receiving environment  selenium  treatment 

  8. Kratochivil D.. Demonstrating the Performance of Innovative Treatment Systems. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  drainage treatment  ion exchange  Kemess  regulation  research needs  scale-up  selenium  Silver Tip  sulphate reduction 

  9. Davidson T.. Developing a Solution to Selenium Speciation. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  analysis  clarifier  discharge  fluidized bed  monitoring  options analysis  ozone  peroxide  selenium  treatment 

  10. Fitzgerald D. and R. Nicholson. Environmental Management Criteria for Selenium and Molybdenum: A Review Relevant to the Mining Industry. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Brenda Mine  climate change  drainage chemistry  geology  molybdenum  neutral pH  receiving environment  regulation  risk assessment  selenium  toxicity 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Wild Ruminant Study at Brenda Mines

  11. Lussier C., M. Veiga and S. Baldwin. Geochemistry of Selenium Mobilization from the Elk River Coal Mines. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Elk Valley  geology  kinetic test  mineralogy  prediction  selenium 

  12. Jensen S. and E. Marquez. How Much Modelling is Too Much Modelling? – Red Chris Mine: A Case Study. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  hydrology  loading  model  operating  Red Chris  selenium 

  13. Sonnenberg H., L. Ramilo, J. Keene, M. Stephenson and J. Nilsen. Investigation of causes of effects on benthic invertebrate communities downstream of two metal mines. Presented at the 2014 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Flin Flon  receiving environment  selenium 

  14. Vriens B. and R. Beckie. Mechanisms Controlling Circumneutral Drainage Generation at the Antamina Mine, Peru. Presented at the 2020 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Antamina  arsenic  drainage chemistry  geology  kinetic tests  mineralogy  neutral pH  prediction  selenium  waste rock 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Mobilization of Metal(oid) Oxyanions through Circumneutral Mine Waste-Rock Drainage

  15. Day S.. ML/ARD Mitigation at the Red Chris Mine, BC. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  geology  kinetic tests  mitigation  operating  PAG  pit  Red Chris  segregation  selenium  tailings  waste rock 

  16. Liang H.C., B. Baker and D. Kratochvil. Non-Biological Active Selenium Treatment – Project Experience with Tool for Getting Below Detection Limit at the End-of-Pipe. Presented at the 2022 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  electrical reduction  ion exchange  Kemess  Lake Koocanusa  membrane  selenium  treatment 

  17. Dockery J., A. Martin and J. Stockwell. Potential Role of Nitrate in the Release and Attenuation of Selenium in Coal-Mine Environments. Presented at the 2012 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  in-situ  prediction  selenium  treatment 

  18. Day S. and K. Sexsmith. Prediction of Selenium Leaching. Presented at the 2005 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  drainage chemistry  Elkview  mineralogy  prediction  selenium 

  19. Klein R., S. Shaw and L. Karbashewski. Removing Selenium and Nitrate using Saturated Rock Fills: From Concept to Full-Scale Operation. Presented at the 2019 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  backfill  blasting residue  carbon  in-situ  pit lake  selenium  sulphate reduction  treatment  waste rock 

  20. Sandy T.. Results of a Pilot Fluidized Bed Reactor Selenium Treatment Demonstration. Presented at the 2010 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  active  fluidized bed  reduction  selenium  treatment 

  21. Conroy K.. The Past, Present and Future for Selenium Treatment. Presented at the 2007 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  selenium  treatment 

  22. Harrington J.. Three Case Studies of the Treatment of Mine Drainage. Presented at the 2002 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Brewery Creek  carbon  drainage chemistry  heap leach  Hollister  insitu  microbiology  nutrients  pit lake  San Luis  selenium  Sweetwater  treatment  uranium 

  23. Hinton J., A. Hodaly, M. Veiga and S. Baldwin. Water Covers to Wetlands: Opportunities and Constraints. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  impoundment  mercury  selenium  tailings  underwater  wetland 

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