BC MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop

  1. Goodwin, T. and F. Bonner. Acid Rock Drainage in the Halifax Formation Slates: What Have We Learned?. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  geology  mineralogy  non-mine  prediction  regulation 

  2. Chambers, D.. Alaska Large Mine Reclamation Bonding - 2005. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  cost  financial security  regulation 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Alaska Large Mine Reclamation Bonding - 2005
    2. Financial Assurance Reviews for Alaskan Mines - Fort Knox, Green Creeks, Kensington Gold, Pogo and True North

  3. Bellefontaine, K.. BC is Booming - Is ARD Looming? An Overview of Regulatory Approaches and Recent Mining Issues in British Columbia. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  financial security  management  mitigation  prediction  regulation  selenium 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Environmental Management Plans: A Key Tool in Ensuring Successful Long-term Environmental Management at Closed Mine Sites with ML/ARD

  4. Tremblay G.. Canadian Environmental Initiatives in 2001. Presented at the 2001 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  MEND  MMER  NOAMI  regulation 

  5. Tremblay J.L., J. Hogan and B. Slater. Considering Different Perspectives when Defining Acceptable Levels of Environmental Contamination. Presented at the 2015 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  First Nation  receiving environment  regulation 

  6. Errington J.. Contaminated Sites Review - An Update. Presented at the 2000 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  regulation 

  7. D. Kratochivil. Demonstrating the Performance of Innovative Treatment Systems. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  drainage treatment  ion exchange  Kemess  regulation  research needs  scale-up  selenium  Silver Tip  sulphate reduction 

  8. Knapp W.. Deposition of Mine Wastes in Natural Water Bodies: A Federal Regulatory and Policy Perspective. Presented at the 1999 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  natural Lake  regulation  submarine  underwater 

  9. Goodwin, T. and F. Bonner. Field Trip Guide -- Environmental and Economic Impacts Associated with Acid Rock Drainage Generation in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  geology  mineralogy  mitigation  non-mine  prediction  regulation 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Healing an Open Sore: Rehabilitation of Former Shale Quarries in Nova Scotia

  10. R. Purdon. Implementing Mine Closure Plans - Ontario's Experience. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  financial security  guidelines  Lockerby  Ontario  regulation  Timminco 

  11. Nicholson R.. Metal Leaching Issues in the Canadian Mining Industry: A Progress Report. Presented at the 2003 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  neutral pH  prediction  regulation  treatment 

  12. Cowan W.R.. Mine Rehabilitation in Ontario: Legislation Development and Progress. Presented at the 1999 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  abandoned  closure  financial security  Ontario  regulation 

  13. H. Bunce. Mount Polley Mine Tailings Breach - Ministry of Environment Regulatory Response. Presented at the 2017 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  regulation 

  14. Sharpe I.. Permitting Mining Related Discharges: How to Assess and Manage Risk Using Principles of Impact Assessment Biology. Presented at the 1998 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  guidelines  receiving environment  regulation  risk assessment  toxicity 

  15. Schofield I., B.Cinton, K. Payne, P. Brown, M. Logsdon, M. Wickman and J. Waples. Progress in Remediating ARD-Contaminated Groundwater at Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, USA. Presented at the 2011 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  amend lime  Bingham Canyon  collection  HDS  heap leach  regulation  reverse osmosis  tailings  treatment  waste rock 

  16. Lindahl L.A.. Recent Trends in Tailings Management Practices in Sweden. Presented at the 2008 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  dam  finanical security  FŠboliden  HštjŠrn  impoundment  regulation  segregation  Svartliden  tailings  underwater 

  17. Price W.. Regulation as a Tool for Reducing Risks and Preventing Impacts Associated with Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage. Presented at the 1998 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  guidelines  mineralogy  mitigation  NP  PAG  prediction  regulation  risk assessment  waste rock 

  18. Lindahl L.A.. Regulation of Mining Operations - Developments within the EU. Presented at the 2008 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  European Union  regulation 

  19. Soto C.. The challenge of chemical stability in Chile: the current scenario and practical applications. Presented at the 2014 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Chile  Fundaci—n Chile  regulation 

  20. Schwenger R.. Unexpected Events at Closed ARD Sites. Presented at the 2013 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  Blue Hill  closure  Geco  Normetal  reclamation  regulation  tailings  underground 

  21. Zinck, J.. Update on Treatment Sludge Management: Properties, Stability and Disposal Options. Presented at the 2006 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  backfill  codisposal  deposition  lime  metal recovery  prediction  regulation  solid residue  treatment 

    Supporting Documents:

    1. Disposal, Reprocessing and Reuse Options for Acidic Drainage Treatment Sludge
    2. Comparison of AMD Treatment Processes and their Impacts on Sludge Characteristics

  22. B. Bailey and K. Bellefontaine. Water Treatment: Experience and Challenges with Old and New Technologies at Mines in BC. Presented at the 2018 workshop.

    KEYWORDS:  active  BC  collection  cost  drainage treatment  guidelines  passive  regulation  solid residue 

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